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The extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental and irreplaceable part of our Mediterranean diet. Thousands of years ago, Mediterranean people already produced and consumed olive oil and along with bread and wine, olive oil was the third of the triad of basic food.

Nature has given us this wonderful heritage of strong and fertile land of olive trees which annually give us their extraordinary fruits. This is where the best olive oils of the world come from. In our olive oil online shop, we offer you this exquisit green gold, straight away from the oil mil to your table, so you can enjoy and take advantage of all the organoleptic qualities of the best and unique extra virgin olive oil.

Buy olive oil in our online shop

At Origen Olive you can buy extra virgin olive oil packed in different formats: bottles, carafes, cans and even gift boxes. By this way, you can enjoy the best olive oils in the format which most suit you. Our catalogue includes the best extra virgin olive oils from the best brands and oil mills in Spain: Castillo de Canena, CladivmFinca La Torre, Hacienda Queiles, La Boella, Masía El Altet, Melgarejo, Oliflix, Oro de Cánava, Parqueoliva y Rincón de la Subbética, amongst others.

Complete boxes of bottles and carafes of olive oil are being shipped directly from the oil mills. This is why we can offer you better prices and fresher olive oil, which has been stored in optimal conditions and without suffering unnecessary transfers from one place to another. We normally serve within the Spanish peninsula in 24/48 hours, but, being prudent, we calculate a maximum transit time of 72 hours. Orders of more than 70€ are free of any transport charge at all (peninsula).

Olive varieties and organic olive oils

Each variety of olive oil has its particular charm and a unique character and flavor which makes it special. This is the reason why we offer almost all olive varieties produced in Spain: Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca, amongst others and a wide range of olive oil blends.

Origen Oliva also offer a selection of the best extra virgin organic olive oils. We do believe very much in organic olive oils and in the fact that such a special product, so valuable in its properties, flavor and history deserves a natural, respectful and responsible process. For both, our health and nutrition as well as for the environment and natural heritage which are ours to conserve.